10.  Help increase the awareness of New York’s robust maritime cluster and your role in it.

9.  Uphold New York’s pre-eminent position as a vibrant commercial maritime center.

8.  NYMAR is the only organization whose sole purpose is to promote the New York maritime community. A critical mass of committed professionals is needed to mount an effective campaign promoting our area in the face of increasing competition from overseas.

7.  New York has the most public companies in the shipping industry and the market capitalization of these companies has increased ten fold in the past five years.

6.  New York is the home of private equity and the continuous flow of private equity funds into the maritime sector makes New York a critical component in the capital equation.

5.  Years ago the DAC and Whitehall Clubs were the watering holes and gathering points for the region’s maritime personnel. Going forward NYMAR will provide a virtual and actual community for the New York Maritime cluster.

4.  NYMAR will directly (through a link on our website) and indirectly promote your business. Everyone benefits from NYMAR’s branding and marketing.

3.  Access additional networking opportunities through your association with NYMAR. NYMAR will be present at conferences and gatherings throughout the area, nationally and internationally, and will ultimately attract more people to the sector.

2.  New York has the most talented people in the legal, financial, arbitration and insurance professions as well as a host of valued shipowners, operators, brokers and chartering companies within its environs.

And the Number One reason to join...

1.  Because New York is The Capital for Shipping!!!!


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